10 Apps to Get You Through the Semester (And Ruin Your Life)

by Ama Debrah

You made it through the first three weeks of the semester! Congrats! Yes, there are still twelve more weeks and the semester has barely started to become the book-ridden hellscape that will start to emerge come November, but take a moment from your Season 2 Scandal binge-watching on Netflix to pat yourself on the back. To get you through the rest of the semester, here are some apps to add to your ever-growing collection.                                                                                                              

Let apps make your life better.

1. GYMPACT: Have you ever wished that someone could give you money to go to the gym? This app does! This app will literally put between 50 cents and 5 dollars into your bank account if you follow through with your pact, or the amount of times you promise to go to the gym on the app. You can’t cheat on the app either- it will monitor your body movements for a total of thirty minutes before it determines that you exercised that day. But be forewarned, if you fail to make your gym pact for that week, the app will fine you directly from your bank account.

2. WAZE: If you’re planning a weekend getaway, Waze is a must. Waze tracks traffic patterns and accidents and will give you alternative routes so you won’t have to run into dreaded congestion and gridlock traffic trying to get out of the city.

3. GROUPME: GroupMe allows you to communicate in group messages EVEN IF some of the members of the group message do not have smartphones. Instead of getting those annoying separate texts and confusing everyone, you can add any phone number you want in a group, and then be able to group message the entire group as a whole. This is especially essential to suite-living.

4. VENMO: Tired of your friends forgetting the four dollars you lent them for Koronets? Venmo allows you to link your bank account with the app so that you can directly pay each other back without having to find change.

5. VIBER: Viber should be mandatory on your packing list for study abroad. Use Viber for keeping in touch with your friends across the pond since you can use the free texting and free voice calls regardless of what country you’re in.

6. HAUTELOOK: Hautelook was originally a website, but the app version is much more user-friendly and convenient. Hautelook provides several clothing and accessory promotions, such as bags by Rebecca Minkoff or a collection of statement bracelets, for crazy discounts. It’s great for getting those essentials for fall and winter at a great price.

Saving money like a Boss.

7. HUKKSTER: The Hukkster app allows you to mark your favorite items while you’re shopping online, and when the item goes on sale, Hukkster will send you an email so you can get it at the discounted price. Plus, Hukkster was co-founded by a Barnard alumna.

8. INTELLIDRINK: IntelliDrink keeps the night fun without it turning into a black-out/CAVA nightmare. IntelliDrink monitors your height and weight and will tell you how many drinks and at what rate you can safely imbibe during the night.

9. SLEEP CYCLE: Sleep Cycle monitors your sleeping habits and will set a time to wake you up at your lightest time of sleep. That way, you won’t wake up half-asleep and groggy for that 8:40am class.

10. QUICKTIP: Finally, an end to the horrid end-of-dinner confusion! Quick Tip will not only calculate the accurate tip, but will also include tax in your payment so that no one’s short-changed.

Ama Debrah is a senior at Barnard and Contributing Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images Courtesy of MacRumors and The Red Pen of Doom.


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