10 Things First-Years Should Know About College

by Caroline Thirkill

Hey Barnard first-years! I know things seem really challenging right now and you are still trying to settle in, but here are some helpful tips (I hope) for getting through your first semester!

1. Make sure you are happy about your classes, because your semester will be that much harder if you don’t. 

2. A boring lecture is a death sentence for your grade. It is in your best interest to find the amazing professors and cultivate a relationship with them.

3. Don’t feel pressured to go out with friends all the time. Make time for ME time, whenever you need it.

4. At the same time, don’t be afraid to reach out when you feel uncomfortable or unhappy.

5. Remember a bad grade isn’t the end of the world. Most of your professors want you to succeed and may offer you extra credit if you approach them. Either way, they want to see you engaged.

6. Music is a great mood lifter. Get your freak on as often as possible.

7. You know what else is a great mood lifter? A mid-afternoon nap.

8. Food rocks! Learn to make both healthy and delicious meals that you can eat all the time.

9. Let’s be real, you don’t actually have to do that 50 page reading for a lecture class where the professor spends the next day regurgitating the textbook.

10. Always remember that you are amazing, no matter what.

Caroline Thirkill is a senior at Barnard and Opinions Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

GIFs courtesy of the magical world of Tumblr. Follow us here.


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