Sulzberger Hall: Also Known As "Sulz"

by Laura K. Garrison

Sulz is the focal and social center of the Quad.

Sulzberger Hall, commonly referred to as “Sulz,” is the largest and most populous first-year dorm in the Quad, stretching from Reid Hall on the east side (along Broadway) to the northwest corner next to Hewitt Hall. Sulz is often at the center of life on the Quad as it is home to the Residential Life & Housing office on the first floor, TV lounges, kitchenettes, and the fastest elevators. Because it is the most recent building in the Quad (built in 1988), Sulz is the only first-year dorm that has air conditioning.

Living in Sulz
Most rooms in Sulz are doubles, with the exception of several triples on each floor (comprised of bunk and loft beds). Each hall in Sulz is split in two by a bank of four elevators, two of which service the basement and floors one to eight (where Sulz first-years live) and the others service the basement and floors eight to seventeen (floors nine to seventeen comprise Sulz Tower, a dorm primarily for seniors). One half of each hall shares an RA and bathroom with Reid Hall and is known colloquially as Sulz-Reid while the other half has its own RA and two bathrooms, one gender-neutral and one for women.

Sulz Lounges
There is a lounge on every floor of Sulz for use by students who live in the Quad. Each lounge is equipped with a flat screen television and basic cable, a kitchenette, and a sitting area for socializing or studying. Floors four, six, and eight have ovens which are frequently used for baking.

A typical dorm in Sulz, color not included.

Living in Sulz certainly has its perks (namely air conditioning), especially at the beginning of fall semesters when humid New York summers can persist into late September. The dimensions of Sulz rooms tend to be more accommodating as they are often more square than the narrow, rectangular rooms of Brooks. This tends to make Sulz dorms feel more spacious and open and allows students to easily rearrange their furniture to their liking.

A Minimalist’s Dream
Whereas Brooks and (to some degree) Reid maintain the character of their respective eras, Sulz’s interior is minimal and modern. While this can be either a plus or a negative depending on your taste, it is recommended that students personalize their space to liven up the sterile white walls. With the exception of those along Sulz-Reid that face Broadway, most rooms face either the Quad or the north end of campus. Again this can be a plus or a negative, depending on the preferred view.

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Laura K. Garrison is a junior at Barnard and Editor in Chief of The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of and Dorm Design.


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