Reid Hall: Life at the Corner of 116th and B-way

by Mariah Castillo

General Description

In Reid, you’re Broadway-bound!

Corridor-style. All rooms are doubles and most measure at 15′ by about 13′, save for the RA single on every floor. Reid is the smallest hall in the Quad as Sulzberger takes up over half of the side of the Quad that faces Broadway. Linoleum floors (a floor rug and slippers are recommended). There is an in-wall closet, a set of drawers, a desk, a chair, and a twin-XL bed for every occupant.

Common bathroom with walk-in showers. The bathrooms have been recently renovated and are modern. Cleaning and facilities come by regularly (don’t go into the bathroom when there’s a cleaning trolley blocking the entrance). All Reid bathrooms are usually gender-fluid, so expect to see anyone doing their business from time to time. For those who wish to use a women’s only bathroom, there’s one in Sulzberger.

The only kitchen areas on each floor are in the Sulzberger lounges, complete with microwave, fridge, and sink. Even floors of the Quad (four, six, and eight) have ovens.

Lovely view of Broadway and Columbia’s campus. Close to the computer labs, WBAR (Barnard’s radio station), and music practice rooms in the basement. You can use both entrances to the Quad, though the Brooks entrance is typically less crowded and closer to Reid than Sulz. Barnard Secure internet connection can get pretty spotty at times. Super cool water-bottle-filler/drinking fountain hybrids on the fourth and seventh floors. One elevator ride or staircase away from Well Woman, the Zora Neale Hurston Lounge, and the Weber Living Room.

Barnard’s underground music scene in the Reid basement.

Broadway can be pretty noisy. You can hear the subway station right outside your window, and weekend party-goers aren’t exactly the quietest of people at two in the morning (New York is the city that never sleeps). Walls are thin. Quiet hours aren’t always obeyed. No AC so bring a fan. The Brooks elevators will still be going strong late at night, adding to the noise. Those super cool water-bottle-fillers are easily broken (please don’t use them if the floor is wet and remember to file a work order).

Make a great first impression with your roommate and floor mates, because you’ll see them pass by your room constantly throughout the year. Leave your door open (if your roomie is cool with it), as I’ve met one of my closest friends by leaving the door open and playing music. Room sizes vary slightly, with the smallest doubles being 15’ by 12’11” and the largest doubles being 15’ by 13’6”. Feel free to rearrange your furniture the way you like it, as long as your roommate is fine with it. Some beds are lofted (raised up) while others are not, so don’t buy bed risers until you know what kind of bed you have. There is a Quad entrance at Reid, but it is blocked off to students and an alarm goes off whenever it’s opened, so enter through Brooks. Boys occasionally frequent the halls, and many girls go in and out of the bathroom with just their towels on, clutching their shower caddies. Take advantage of Well Woman being so close – they are a godsend.

Good luck Class of 2017, I hope you have a successful year!

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Mariah Castillo is a sophomore at Barnard and the Food and New York Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Barnard College and Her Campus.


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