Letter from the Editor and New 9WK Staff

Dear Readers,

I started working on the blog staff when Samantha Plotner and Lindsay Garten, the blog’s co-founders, reached out to me after reading an article I wrote for the Barnard Bulletin. They said they were starting a new project that they were going to call The Nine Ways of Knowing, and encouraged me to apply for the position of Arts Editor.

Needless to say, I ignored it. How many initiatives like this are started each year at colleges, and how many just simply fall completely flat? Although I didn’t know it at the time, getting off the ground is especially difficult for publications. An online publication is essentially a community, and one that’s built on the commitment and devotion of not just it’s staff, but also the time of it’s readers–which is a huge thing to ask. Thinking that The Nine Ways of Knowing would meet the same fate, I didn’t think much of it.

But then, I got to thinking. The voice of Barnard students it seemed at the time was confined to timid (although some not-so-timid) remarks in the comments section of Bwog articles. A blog devoted to the voice of Barnard students maybe was exactly what Barnard needed.

Barnard pride is sometimes fierce and dignified. But as a first-year, most of the “Barnard pride” I saw was lackluster. I was extremely unhappy, I felt like I didn’t belong, and I couldn’t figure out how to make friends. But somehow I never felt like I made the wrong choice by coming to Barnard, and I needed to express that. So, for me, The Nine Ways of Knowing was born out of Barnard pride. And actually, since we were a mix of first-years and first-year transfer students, you could almost say it was born out of Barnard faith.

Almost anyone that knows me, knows that this blog has seen my blood, sweat and tears over the last two years. To a degree that I don’t think that I’ll ever understand, the blog’s mission always resonated with me. Despite schoolwork (…sometimes especially when I had schoolwork), I always found time to make sure that the blog represented the level of quality that I believed it could be.

This year, the most amazing thing happened. All the effort that I put into The Nine Ways of Knowing was returned to me, in much more clever and innovative ways then I could have ever hoped to achieve on my own. With all the sincerity of a middle-school cliché, this year’s staff knocked my socks off. And I am beyond excited to see all the amazing things I know that they will achieve next year.


Olivia Goldman
Editor in Chief of The Nine Ways of Knowing, 2012-2013

The Nine Ways of Knowing Staff, 2013-2014

Executive Board
Editor in Chief: Laura K. Garrison
Senior Editor: Molly Scott
Contributing Editor: Ama Debrah
Managing Editor: Zoe Baker-Peng
Social Media Strategist: Kiani Ned
General Communications Manager: Eileen (Xin) Ai

Editorial Board
On Campus/Features Editor: Soyini Driskell
Arts Editor: Olivia Goldman
Food/New York Editor: Mariah Castillo
Opinions Editor: Caroline Thirkill


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