Senior Snapshot: Natalie Lau

The Nine Ways of Knowing has decided to profile some of the amazing women of the class of 2013… and we’re so sad to see them leave!! If you’d like to be featured on the blog or know someone who should definitely be profiled, fill out our tip form or email us at

Name: Natalie Lau
Hometown: Hong Kong
Major: Sociology

What are you involved in?
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and stretching my limits of procrastination.

Guilty pleasure?
Really, really terrible puns. I can’t help it, it’s punintentional.

Favorite memory from Barnard?
There are way too many and they’re all worth sharing… I’d have to say the most recent one that sticks out is the YouTube-themed surprise birthday party my friends threw me this year (yes, YouTube… and yes, it was awesome). Featuring: a homemade three layered black out cake, double the trouble with two Hannah Harts (not-so) drunk in the kitchen, my family’s Harlem Shake video (true story), lethal mojitos and all my close friends.

Biggest regret of college?
Don’t know about “biggest”, but: Not investing enough in the campus and the people here, not studying/doing what I was passionate about for the sake of practicality, not participating in primal scream until my very last semester here.

Biggest leap of faith during college?
Being honest, vulnerable, authentic, opening up, asking for help. It’s scary but so worth it in the end. Also, everyone should try emailing/walking up to someone they’ve always wanted to meet and ask to hang out. As creepy as it sounds, you might just meet some of your best friends in college.

What will you miss?
“Mental health days”, Benny’s burgers, Claudia during karaoke hour, sitting on the steps every Spring, living so close to all my favorite people…

What won’t you miss?
The impossibly long line/wait at Joe, only to be yelled at by the guy in NoCo’s library.

Favorite place on or off campus?
Coffee shops! The Commons Chelsea (17th & 7th) is probably my favorite but Sasha’s Coffee (95th & Amsterdam) is a close second. I also love the pier on 68th.

In 5 words or less, what’s next? Leadership Development. High Schoolers. China.

Midnight breakfast or Orgo Night? Who could pass up DSpar? Let’s be real now…

If you were a Morningside Heights bar which would you be?
1020. Yeah, don’t judge me, I’m not proud of it.

Who will play you in the biopic of your life?
Amy Poehler in a panda suit. It helps when your spirit animal is also an actress…


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