Senior Snapshot: Julia Kennedy

The Nine Ways of Knowing has decided to profile some of the amazing women of the class of 2013… and we’re so sad to see them leave!! If you’d like to be featured on the blog or know someone who should definitely be profiled, fill out our tip form or email us at

Name: Julia Kennedy, aka Julkenn
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Major: French

What are you involved in?
SGA all the time, BSAR for Admissions, Intern for the Athena Film Festival

Guilty pleasure?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I discovered it last summer when I was in a hot and sweaty 600 double last summer and I’ve been in love with it ever since.

Favorite memory from Barnard?
Too many to choose from! Every time an admitted student has come up to me after I gave them a tour or talked to them during Open House and they told me that they wanted to come here because of my tour or what I said to them. Sitting on the lawn under the blooming magnolia tree for class or for fun. Taking Modern Dance I with Caitlin Trainor this semester.

Also, I feel like our academic experience is kind of underrated here at Barnard in terms of discussions with friends, but I’ve had some amazing a-ha moments of connection that have been like a tiny sliver of light of hope in a long dark tunnel of exams and papers.

Biggest regret of college?
Not taking more classes in English and American studies. Not starting dance my first semester here. Not speaking my mind more with the people I love and in meetings. Other than that, I regret nothing.

Biggest leap of faith during college?
Every semester/year that I’ve been on campus, I end up living with at least one person who I don’t know well or at all, and I would say it has worked out really well as I’ve gotten to know so many interesting people on campus I probably would have never met on my own.Also, going abroad to Paris—leaving Barnard was hard, but necessary, just like it will be this time around.

What will you miss?
All the people I’ve gotten to know well, especially my underclassmen/junior friends from SGA and elsewhere. Also, the French windows in the 620 A suites have a lovely view of Claremont.

What won’t you miss?
BWOG + Spec comment wars/the annual finals shit storm/doing work in a very limited amount of time.

Favorite place on or off campus?
Underneath the whale in the American Museum of Natural History.

In 5 words or less, what’s next? The beach. Looking for jobs.

Midnight breakfast or Orgo Night? Midnight breakfast FTW

If you were a Morningside Heights bar which would you be? The Heights for its name alone

Who will play you in the biopic of your life?
I want to be a film writer/director, so my protegé, aka another nerdy mixed girl from the suburbs.


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