Senior Snapshot: Hannah Roher

The Nine Ways of Knowing has decided to profile some of the amazing women of the class of 2013… and we’re so sad to see them leave!! If you’d like to be featured on the blog or know someone who should definitely be profiled, fill out our tip form or email us at


Name: Hannah Roher
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Major: Biology

What are you involved in?
My friends’ and family’s lives. Oh and a bunch of CU stuff, too.

Guilty pleasure? Bubble tea, sans the guilt

Favorite memory from Barnard?
You know… There are so so so many great memories from these few years, so this question is nearly impossible. Everything gets mashed together in my brain to become this huge ball of happy emotion. I hate to mention just one memory at the expense of all the rest. HOWEVER one that sticks out right now is my birthday sophomore year. There were just so many friends and so much love and let’s not forget to give a shout out to La Taqueria Fonda. Thanks for giving all 22 of us a free beer!

Biggest regret of college?
Not adhering to my rules of getting off campus all the time. It was easy to get sucked into insane-study-mode of everyone else around me. But I really should have left campus more (or at least as often as I wished to). Oh, and I suppose I also should have attended more campus events. So there’s a conundrum for you. Okay wait college has been amazing, there are so many “should haves” but I honestly can’t complain. Please.

Biggest leap of faith during college? Studying abroad for an entire year. It was tough academic planning and sad to leave CU/friends behind, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What will you miss? So many of the people that I really love all being in one place at the same time.

What won’t you miss? Aramark. Food in the real world is too good to ever go back to Aramark.

Favorite place on or off campus Think at Mercer!

In 5 words or less, what’s next? Vacation. Year Off. Midwifery!

Midnight breakfast or Orgo Night? BREAKFAST AND ICE CREAM AT THE SAME TIME?! duh.

If you were a Morningside Heights bar which would you be? Toast

Who will play you in the biopic of your life? Kathy Bates


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