Senior Snapshot: Eunice Yooni Kim

The Nine Ways of Knowing has decided to profile some of the amazing women of the class of 2013… and we’re so sad to see them leave!! If you’d like to be featured on the blog or know someone who should definitely be profiled, fill out our tip form or email us at

Name: Eunice Yooni Kim
Hometown: San Francisco East Bay
Major: Art History with a concentration in Visual Arts
What are you involved in? Barnard Res Life
Guilty pleasure? Vin Diesel

Favorite memory from Barnard? Sulz 6 kitchen freshman year, making GIFs with my friends.

Biggest regret of college? Not making more GIFs. Also, not meeting even more people. But I suppose there’s still a little time left for that!

Biggest leap of faith during college? Taking beginning swimming during my Senior Spring! All I can say is that these past couple of months have been challenging, but very rewarding. I also discovered that breaststroke is not my thang.

What will you miss? The safety of a network of people who will give you positive feedback

What won’t you miss? The coddling

Favorite place on or off campus
The Westside highway

Midnight breakfast or Orgo Night? midnight breakfast, i love bacon.

If you were a Morningside Heights bar which would you be? Pinkberry

Who will play you in the biopic of your life? Julie Walters


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