Senior Snapshot: Elisabetta Bruscagli

The Nine Ways of Knowing has decided to profile some of the amazing women of the class of 2013… and we’re so sad to see them leave!! If you’d like to be featured on the blog or know someone who should definitely be profiled, fill out our tip form or email us at

Ready to go!

Name: Elisabetta
Hometown: Florence, Italy
Major: English w/ Film Concentration

What are you involved in? ResLife (SX), Barnard Store
Guilty pleasure? The Kardashians

Favorite memory from Barnard?
Too many. The first midnight breakfast, and all the ones that followed; tossing my notes out of the Sulz 626 window as the Marching Band serenaded the Quad. Oh, and POTUS.

Biggest regret of college? 
Overall, procrastinating too much and not taking History of the Modern Middle East. Right now, not going out enough this semester.

Biggest leap of faith during college?
Taking Intro to Women and Gender Studies. I took it to fill a Nine Ways of Knowing requirement and was convinced I would not like it. As it turns out, it was one of the best courses I have ever taken, and it completely changed my view of the world, more than any other class ever has. I agree with future SGA President Maddy Popkin that it should be a mandatory class for Barnard students. Make it happen, Maddy!

What will you miss?
Changing my routine every four months or so, living near my friends, the Store, learning new things every day, the white pizza, month-long Winter breaks, Summers, CG suites, public safety, facilities, Claudia, Benny, free food events, the magnolia in the snow, the magnolia in bloom, the shuttle, campus.

What won’t you miss?
Not having real weekends or evenings, exams, papers, the Diana or Butler at 2 AM, signing people in/out, duty, feeling guilty for watching a movie/tv show, grades, math, being constantly out of time

Favorite place on or off campus
On campus: the Store. Off campus: Lincoln Center.

In 5 words or less, what’s next? HIP GENIUS, apartment, weekends, salary.

Midnight breakfast or Orgo Night? Midnight Breakfast

If you were a Morningside Heights bar which would you be? 1020 (the Heights is a close second)

Who will play you in the biopic of your life? Lindsay Lohan, obvi.


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