Glamour’s Top Ten Event

by Kiani Ned

A panel of women who followed their dreams.

On Wednesday April 3rd, Glamour Magazine’s Top Ten College Women was held in the Diana Oval Center. The event was in honor of the “Top Ten” College Women of 2013, chosen by the magazine. The women chosen as the “Top Ten” exemplified the kinds of goals we set for ourselves here at Barnard; they were strong, innovative, extremely intelligent dreamers with beaming smiles. They were singers, scientists, experts at coding, military officers, and nationally-ranked athletes.

As if the room wasn’t already filled to the brim with so much girl power, the panel of guest speakers blew the lid off. The speakers included women with their “dream jobs,” including actors Piper Perabo, Jessica Williams, and Anna Chlumsky, the Chief Digital Officer of New York City, Rachel Sterne Haot, and the CEO and Founder of Teach for America, Wendy Knopp. Barnard and Columbia girls alike left the event inspired to do whatever it took to get the job of their dreams, such as be willing to do the grunt work that others would stray from, take coding classes, furiously network, and most importantly be confident (yet humble) in one’s convictions.

Mocktails among peonies and roses

For me, one of the most memorable tidbits of advice came from Piper Perabo. Robert De Niro once told her at an audition to “just own it!” and she has taken that advice with her to every audition ever since. Her golden grain of advice from Robert De Niro summed up the message of the event — do what you love and to do it the best way that you can. It seems silly and elementary but it’s amazing how emotionally and fiscally profitable the things you love can be. Look at the panel — successful women who get to do what they love to do every single day and get paid to do it!

After the panel discussion, there was a lovely reception in the 2nd Floor Dining Room of the Diana Center. The room was dimly lit. On tall, round, white tables sat arrangements of pink peonies or yellow and red roses. Yummy appetizers such as vegetarian egg rolls with mango dipping sauce, chicken tenders, steak burgers and cake pops were served. There was also an array of mocktails including mojitos, cosmopolitans, and sangria. To top off the event guests received goody bags with a May 2013 Glamour Magazine featuring Glamour’s Top Ten College Women, and L’Oreal beauty products!

Kiani Ned is a first-year at Barnard and a photographer and staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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