Congratulations, Barnard Class of 2017!

Barnard College/Hannah Montoya BC ’15

Congratulations to Barnard’s class of 2017!! Barnard popularity continues to increase (holla!), so we’re especially excited to meet all you new, strong, beautiful Barnard women!

According to admissions, statistics were as follows:

• Barnard reported the lowest admit rate, 20.5%, in the College’s history. Of the 5,606 applicants, 1151 were admitted. Last year it was 22.6%.
• Barnard has become 34% more selective since 2009, when the admit rate was 31%.
• Barnard also received a record-breaking 5,606 applications, representing a 3% jump from last year when we had 5440.

We maintain our standing as the most selective women’s college in the U.S.

From Dean of Enrollment Management Jennifer Fondiller ’88:
“This was the most competitive year for applicants in Barnard’s history. Hailing from all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and 39 countries, they are among the most accomplished young women in the world. And their accomplishments, interests and experiences are just as varied. From all around the world, within minutes of receiving their acceptance letters via email, students were accepting our offers, sending in their deposits, downloading our new mobile app and signing up for open house programs. It will be exciting to meet the Class of 2017 this fall—they are a truly impressive group.”


3 thoughts on “Congratulations, Barnard Class of 2017!

  1. I am a Barnard graduate class of 1975 before Columbia admitted women. I supported a Barnard-Columbia merger because my concern was all the top women applicants would chose Columbia and Barnard would become nothing more than a backdoor to Columbia for those who could never get into Columbia College or any of the Ivy Leagues. Based on the admit stats and the students I have met that fear has come to pass. Barnard has maintained its identity but at a cost of losing the the best and the brightest, who now chose Columbia.

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