Housing Review: Cathedral Gardens

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6 singles: 4, with one designated for RA
4 singles, 1 double: 1
4 singles: 4, with one designated for RA
3 singles, 1 double: 4
2 singles, 1 double: 5
2 doubles: 2
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General Description
With a relatively open floor plan and a fully furnished living room, Cathedral Gardens is probably the nicest place you will ever live in as a student in Manhattan. While the layout varies from suite to suite, each space includes a common area/living room, a kitchen (with a dishwasher!), a dining room table, and several individual rooms. There are many different combinations of living spaces, so make sure to talk with your suite to figure out how to best fulfill everyone’s needs. The laundry room is easily accessible on the tenth floor with more than enough machines to go around and a beautiful view to pass the time while you wait for the washing machine to finish. There are only 2 RAs for the whole building, so its a very hands-off assisting style. Perhaps the most interesting part of living in CG is that you might very well be living next to a Barnard professor and their family! That’s right, Cathedral Gardens is home to both students and teachers; but with the exception of the occasional awkward meet-up in the lobby, you will probably never interact.

Prices (updated for the 2013-2014 academic year)
Single: $9,800 for the academic year/ $4,900 for one semester
Double: $8,450 for the academic year/$4,225 for one semester
Minimal Meal Plan: $300 per semester

The size, shape, and amount of bathrooms per suite changes based on what kind of space you choose. The quality of the bathrooms is pretty great, with clean tile floors and relatively reliable plumbing.

The major benefit to the kitchens of CG is access to an Honest-to-God dishwasher, particularly because you mostly feed yourself when you live 20 minutes from campus. They also include a working oven and stove, a large refrigerator, and plenty of space.

• A well stocked grocery store across the street, particularly important when you wind up cooking all your own meals. (They have Mexican Coke!)
• A whole new area for students to explore, particularly those that otherwise never leave campus. Also, access to Central Park.
• Occasional access to the 10th floor roof patio in good weather, and the gorgeous view over the parks it provides.
• Air conditioning and heating that you control!
• Beautiful living space.
• Access to the A, C, E and B, D, F subway lines, which are less crowded than the 1, 2, 3 and are not confined to following Broadway.
• A working TV in the 10th floor lounge that is almost never taken up.
• Very rarely needs repair work.
• Farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.
• New opportunities for takeout!
• Feels more like a home than a dorm room.

• No computer lab or printer.
• A three avenue walk to the 1, 2, 3 line.
• 20 minute walk to and from campus every day.
• No wireless internet.
• Nice thick walls, but flimsy doors that let sound out to the common areas.
• A pretty noisy neighborhood active at odd hours of the day. The windows do not block sound from outside.


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