Housing Review: 616 W 116th St.

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Looks like 620 but is slightly closer to campus.

4 Singles, 1 Double: 9
3 Singles, 1 Double: 11
2 Doubles, 2 Singles: 16
Find out what rooms are still available.

General Description
The combination of suite-style living and closeness to campus makes 616 a popular choice. You may appreciate the pre-war charm (the building was originally built in 1906) but it hasn’t been renovated since 1962 leading to complaints about things breaking or not working. The lounge has new furniture (and a piano) and there is also a computer lab. The kitchen is your common space unless you get one of the two suites with a common room.

Prices (updated for the 2013-2014 academic year)
Single: $9,800 for the academic year/ $4,900 for one semester
Double: $8,450 for the academic year/$4,225 for one semester
Minimal Meal Plan: $300 per semester

Captioned “My favorite room ever!”

There is one bathroom per suite that you have to clean yourselves. The bathrooms are fine, but there are complaints about the plumbing.

You get a full kitchen with a gas stove/oven, sink and a full size fridge but kitchen size depends on your suite and who you live with, with many reviewers bemoaning their small size. Facilities issues also are frequently aimed at the kitchens, everything from blown fuses to broken ovens.

• The doubles are on the bigger side which could ease some grumbling about living in a double.
• Some rooms have great views or closet space.
• 616 is the center of activity in the 600s since it has the only building lounge.
• Campus is just across the street, meaning you can make it to class on time even if you hit snooze one too many times.
• The computer lab in the lobby makes it easy to print out assignments without having to go back to main campus.

• Room size varies widely within each suite so chose carefully. Some of the singles are incredibly small.
• With the exception of two suites in the whole building, there is no common space aside from the kitchen, which in many suites is too small to be much of a social area.
• Living on the shaft robs you of natural light, and a view, making it hard to tell what time of day it is or what the weather is like.
• The building is old so you’ll have to get used to regularly filing work orders to get this thing or the other fixed.
• There is no AC in the summer – invest in a fan or two.
• 616 is closed the first three weeks of Winter Break – plan accordingly.

• Live on a higher floor and avoid the shaft to get as much natural light into your suite as possible.
• Decide ahead of time who will get the bigger or smaller singles.

Images courtesy of Barnard Residential Life and Room Reviews.


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