Housing Review: 600 W 116th St.

A double featuring a random wall

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3 Doubles: 20
2 Doubles: 5
1 Double: 6
2 Doubles, 1 Single: 1
3 Doubles, 1 Single: 7
Find out what rooms are still available.

General Description
Suite-style living, organized for groups of anywhere from 2 to 7 people. Most rooms are doubles with some singles, and layouts of suites vary. Located above Ollie’s and Ivy League Stationaries, 600 is close to campus and the 1 train. The suites tend to be large and rooms are much more spacious than those in the Quad. Unfortunately this space comes at a price: 600 is an older building in desperate need of repair, despite recent renovations to suites, and the slow elevators are a primary complaint of residents. There is also a rodent and bug problem, especially in the lower floors (closer to Ollie’s). It’s important to study room plans of each individual suite because there is so much variation in layout within the building.

Each suite has its own bathroom which residents must clean themselves. While they aren’t particularly spa-like, the bathrooms serve their purpose. Residents sometimes have issues with water temperature and pressure, but these are usually quickly resolved by facilities.

Kitchens vary amongst suites, as some are located in hallway space rather than in their own room. All are true kitchens, stocked with a fridge, sink, gas stove, and oven.

Prices (updated for the 2013-2014 academic year)
Single: $9,800 for the academic year/ $4,900 for one semester
Double: $8,450 for the academic year/$4,225 for one semester
Minimal Meal Plan: $300 per semester

Space behind a random wall
(see picture above)

• Five minute walk to campus and the 1 train – rolling out of bed is an option.
• Large bedrooms and living space make your first-year room look pitiful.
• TV lounge on the second floor includes HD channels – a good connection to the outside world.

• Mice and bugs may be your newest neighbors – stay on top of the trash!
• Slow elevators – build in extra time on your way to class.
• 600 is in rough shape – you’ll get to know your facilities guy well.
• You’re responsible for the bathrooms and trash, which may be a pro, depending on how you look at it. Make sure you work out a deal with your suitemates so you share responsibility.
• Carpeted floors are more difficult to keep clean – invest in a vacuum.
• No AC in the summer and heat overcompensates in the winter.
• Depending on the location of your suite you may be “shafted,” meaning you have a view of a brick wall and there’s little natural light – invest in lamps.

Residents suggest opting for a B suite which has two bathrooms. B suites located on lower floors also have more entry space. D suites are a good second option for 6-person groups, but the layouts of D suites can vary. Remember: always check floor plans before committing to a suite.

Photos courtesy of Ariane Rinehart.


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