The Best Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

by Molly Scott

Winter got you down? We know the feeling.

Nemo may have left us with a beautiful backdrop of snow that brought back childhood memories of building snowmen, but it also reminded us of what season we’re actually going through. Winter is a time when many people go through a seasonal funk of sadness and sluggishness. Since spring break is less than a month away, I’ve come up with some tips for beating the winter blues and increasing happiness and excitement over these next few weeks of winter and midterms.

Think bright colors! Try adding vibrant colors to your daily outfits and jewelry. Winter shouldn’t be a season where everything is black or gray! Another way to add color to your day is nail polish. A bright pink, orange, or green polish looks really cool and it’s a perfect reminder that spring is just around the corner. My favorite colors are “Lights,” “Meet me at Sunset,” and “Mojito Madness,” all by Essie.

Shop for your spring wardrobe. Even if you can only afford one new item for this upcoming season, you should do it! Most stores now have their spring collections out. Browsing your favorite stores online or in person is a great way to get excited about warmer weather and adding new pieces to your wardrobe. Consider items like a bright skirt, a loose colorful blouse, sandals, or neon-colored capri pants.

Think bright colors for a bright state-of-mind.

Get clean and organized. Oftentimes, winter is the season when we hibernate and spend hours indoors. It’s common to unintentionally create a mess of your space because you’re spending so much time in your room. Find some free time on a weekend to clean out and re-organize your dorm room. Donate old clothes that don’t fit and throw away or recycle non-essential papers, plastic bags, and general junk. Then, organize and perhaps re-decorate your space to give it a fresh, open, and clean feel. This will lift your mood and you’ll be happy coming back each night to a room that is airy and organized.

Move! Get some exercise, even if it’s just walking around Morningside. Getting your heart rate up releases endorphins that make you feel happier and will help pull you out of a winter fog. The more you exercise, the better your mood will become and the happier you’ll feel about your body!

Eat better. Even though it’s tempting to hit the junk food hard over the winter months (especially with midterms), try to limit sugary foods and increase fruit and vegetable intake. Candy, cake, cookies, and other treats are nice while you’re eating them, but hours later they make you feel physically sluggish and guilty, contributing to your overall sadness. By eating more fruits and vegetables, your body will feel better and you’ll feel happier with the choices you’ve made.

Molly Scott is a sophomore at Barnard and Girl Talk editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of Vitals Blog and Raw Life.


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