Celebrating Valentine’s Day Alone

by Mariah Castillo

Show someone you love them! Doesn’t have
to be a significant other.

Today is the day that many singles dread, or even deny exists.

That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Ladies and gentlemen, do NOT panic. You can be single and still have a good day—you just have to think of V-Day a little differently. If you treat it as a day of love, then at the very least, love yourself!

You’re single for a variety of reasons, but if you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love someone else. Treat yourself right! Appreciate the status of being free from the hassle of making this holiday special for someone else.

You can:

  • Stay inside. It’s the middle of February. In the New York, there’s not much you can do without bracing the cold at some point. Go read that book you’ve been wanting to. Get your mug of tea or hot cocoa and watch a series marathon on your laptop.
  • Probably the biggest way to appreciate being single is to avoid the couple’s hot spots. Don’t eat out by yourself on that day. Seriously, you won’t be able to eat when the people in the table across from you are showing some serious PDA.
  • Meet up with your friends. If you really want to eat out, bring a few single friends. That way you all can make fun of the extreme PDA happening right across from you. You can even stay in and cook a meal together and celebrate your lack of attachment.
    • 75% off tomorrow at Duane Reade. 
      That’s what I call a WIN!

  • Wait for the chocolate to go on sale, since holiday candies are usually much cheaper after theholiday has passed. It might make the candy a little sweeter knowing you’re enjoying it at half price.
  • Spread the love! Leave a sign on your door telling passersby that they are beautiful. You can even go back to your elementary school roots and give out Valentine’s to everyone in your floor or hallway. Single or not, they’ll appreciate it!
  • Try treating it as another Thursday night. Some of you might have classes on Fridays, so spend it studying or writing that essay. If you party on Thursdays, and if you don’t mind seeing a lot little PDA, party on V-Day.

Regardless of your relationship status, take Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate love. It gets touted as a day for couples (though honestly, if you’re in a relationship, shouldn’t everyday be like Valentine’s Day?), but there are other ways to make this day not like the Singles’ Apocalypse. Don’t let your relationship status define you. You are your own person, and being with another person should not make up your whole self. Take V-Day as a day to love yourself and to share that sentiment with others.


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