Winterfest 2013: Barnard’s Winter Bucket List

One of the lucky few that managed to
snag a Barnard fleece scarf

This Winterfest, The Nine Ways staff decided to brave the cold to survey Barnard students and make one of our famous Barnard bucket lists. Some of us even managed to get scarves before they disappeared (in a matter of seconds). While we nomed on s’mores and listening to a cappella until our ears froze, this is what Barnard came up with!

Barnard’s Winter Bucket List

1. Go to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year!
2. Find a spring internship
3. Ice skate at Bryant Park
4. Survive the cold!
5. Catcher-in-the-Rye tour
6. Ice skate at Rock Center
7. Fall in love!
8. Stay warm and drink lots of hot cocoa
9. Visit the Museum of Natural History
10. See a ballet performance
11. Learn Flamenco!

Get Well Soon card-making, organized by
the Barnard Pre-med Network

12. Snowball fight in Central Park
13. Take the Staten Island ferry in the snow
14. Take a dance class!
16. Sleigh ride through Central Park
17. Making snow angels… somewhere!
18. Build snow people in front of Butler
19. Run in the snow!
20. Go snow tubing
21. Skiing on a school day
22. See an opera at the Met
23. See the lights on 5th Avenue
24. Get a boyfriend (response: amen and I need a man…)

Anything to add? Let us know in the comments!

More noms
Lines on lines for free scarves

There may have been dancing

Hot Coco Pong! Reracks and all.

Servin’ s’mores

Yes, please.
CU Dhoom brought some pizazz
Bacchantae, rockin’ it


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