Give Vegan a Chance: Peacefoods Café

by Hye-Jin Yun

Hate vegetables? We’ll see about that…

As a pescetarian, I love my fish and shellfish, especially in the form of sushi rolls! Salmon avocado, shrimp asparagus, real crab-meat California rolls… you name it and I will crave it! Although being a pescetarian means that I forego my meats (easily done, no problem!), I was challenged to a fishless brunch at Peacefoods Café.

A quaint café located on 82nd Street and Amsterdam, I was transported to a “peaceful” land of vegans as soon as I walked through the green doors. The posters promoting the vegan lifestyle and cookbook decor immediately got me ready to be a vegan for a meal. After scrutinizing the menu and contemplating what to order, I finally made an executive decision to try the sushi roll—made without my beloved fish.

The hustle-bustle of the place seemed to have delayed my food from arriving for a good twenty minutes, but once my sushi roll was placed in front of me, I was stunned. Made with walnut pate and seasonal vegetables and served with a jicama-carrot medley, topped with avocado, the sushi roll was too aesthetically-pleasing to eat. As soon as I stuffed a piece of roll into my mouth and gulped it down, I was confident that I could say good-bye to my fish for the day. The roll definitely had a different texture without any rice and fish, but the meticulously arranged vegetables in the roll sparked nirvana in my mouth.

Peacefoods Café has been a go-to destination for vegans and now I understand why. Even if you are not vegetarian or vegan, it offers an eclectic collection of salads, panini, sandwiches, pizza, soups, and lasagna that are culinary delights. Who needs fish when you got Peacefoods?

Hye-Jin Yun is a sophomore at Barnard and a member of SGA’s Food Advisory Board. You can contact the Food Advisory Board at

Image courtesy of Hye-Jin Yun.


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