Barnard Fashion: Naintara Ramoo-Goodgame

Name: Naintara Ramoo-Goodgame
Class: Barnard, 2015
Fashion Inspiration: Salonge Knowles, Rihanna

Someone recommended Naintara to me as a potential model for “Barnard Fashion.” I got in contact with her and when I met her, I knew immediately why her style is famous amongst her friends. I was impressed with her seemingly effortless ensemble; her outfit was simple but stylish and would catch anyone’s eye. She carried off this boho-chic look with confidence, from her towering heels to her classy glasses.

Naintara wears Jeffrey Campbell shoes and glasses from Clavin Klein. Origins of the leggings are unknown. Her bag and sweater are from a thrift store; the sweater is vintage Ralph Lauren.

Zoe Baker-Peng is a first-year at Barnard and a photographer and staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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