Thanksgiving Family Drama

What is it about Thanksgiving and other large family gatherings that bring out the drama in even the calmest of families? If this year’s Thanksgiving was particularly dramatic, take solace in the fact that you are not alone. Below are some of the best tales of family drama from The Nine Ways of Knowing staff.

“When I told my mother that I had been invited to my boyfriend’s for Thanksgiving and wanted to go she accused me of ‘forgetting I had a family.'”

Once, my sister had a friend over while my grandparents were visiting. When she attempted to introduce her friend to our grandpa he looked right at her said ‘I have enough friends’ and walked away.

“My father’s ex-girlfriend, who he dumped for my mother, tried to make friends with my sister at our grandmother’s funeral. It was really awkward.”

“My aunt trapped me in a chair for two hours to talk about my life when I was a college sophomore. She decided that I was going to get a Masters in Library Science (nope) and go into market research (so wrong). So many family members walked by and didn’t try and save me, and my father never even noticed it was happening.”

“One summer, my extended family got together for a family reunion. I was catching up with a couple of my cousins who I hadn’t seen in a while. We were having a pleasant chat, when all the sudden one of my cousins dropped a bombshell on us: her father had been cheating on her mother. He had been working in New York, and started to keep an apartment for this second woman, even though they struggled financially. The second woman got pregnant, so my uncle moved her to Boston, the same city as his family. My uncle’s mother owns a private clinic, and was expected to deliver the baby. Eventually my aunt found out, but when she did, my uncle stopped being interested in the second woman, and wanted my aunt back. My cousin (who’s slightly younger) witnessed the scene unfold, and had a mental breakdown afterwards, and had to drop out of school and spend time in a psychiatric clinic. Regardless, my aunt left him, and then met another woman at her high school reunion whom she started seeing. My aunt’s new girlfriend, however, had just gotten out of a relationship with an overly-dependent blind woman, who would harass my aunt and her new girlfriend. Somewhat customary for my family, my aunt and uncle showed up at the reunion as a perfectly happy couple. If asked, my uncle’s mother would deny the entire situation. At first I questioned whether my cousin was telling the truth, until the story was later confirmed. My aunt and uncle were separated for a while, but now they’re getting along fine. My cousin is still in and out of psychiatric wards.”

Image courtesy of Some Ecards.


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