To See You Smile: An Interview with Columbia Compliments

This Thanksgiving, The Nine Ways blog staff knows what we’re thankful for: Columbia Compliments.

When Columbia Compliments first went public last Tuesday, we were overjoyed to see such a phenomenally kind-hearted endeavor going around and making everyone feel warm and fuzzy. But, really it’s so much more than that. Over five hundred compliments and three thousand Facebook friends later, Columbia Compliments has shown that the love-devoid feeling commonly felt on our campus is not due to a lack of good-natured people. We’re so excited to look out for the influence that Columbia Compliments will have on our community by broadcasting the love and kindness of all these wonderful people and their complimenters!
We knew we had to get to know the people behind the Facebook page a little better (if not just to try to become their best friends), and we’ve come to realize that the people running Columbia Compliments are just as selfless and benevolent as you could imagine. Read this interview, and then go compliment and/or thank someone for making campus a better place!

Spreading the love

For those that don’t know, what is Columbia Compliments, and how does it work?

Columbia Compliments is a social project that aims to spread love, see people smile, and ultimately make this world a better place.

Inbox a compliment that you may have about a friend, an acquaintance, or about anyone that you’d like to say something nice about. Columbia Compliments will then post the compliment anonymously, and allow the magic to unfold.

What inspired you to make Columbia Compliments?

We have been thinking about this idea for a while. It just felt like the right time. Midterms just finished (for most people), and a lot of people aren’t as content with their results as they would like to be. It’s just so pleasing to see people walk around with a smile on their faces.

Personally, what is the most rewarding part of running the page? What impact do you think that this will have on the Columbia University community?

The most rewarding part is to see the smile on a recipient’s face when they first read their compliment. It’s unlike anything else, really.

We come from a diverse background, and we represent the minority at Columbia that is not as often stressed as the rest of the study body. Yes, this place can be tough at times, but we understand the value of truly enjoying columbia without being stressed the whole time. This page will allow members of this community to realize that the potential for a smile or a laugh does exist, even at a place like Columbia.

Go and tell someone how much they mean to you!

What is the best compliment that you’ve seen (or any personal favorite)?

Honestly, there are just so many phenomenal comments that it’s hard to pick just one.

Are there any conditions under which you won’t post a compliment?

We won’t post it if it’s not something positive about someone else.

I saw that you are looking for people to help you post compliments. How much time does running the page take?

Honestly, it’s so satisfying, that it’s hard to put attach a number next to something like this. It takes a good amount of time, but it is time that couldn’t possibly be spent in any better way.

Do you see Columbia Compliments fading out in the future (like college memes), or do you think that it’s here for good?

The word about this initiative is yet to get to as many people as we want. Once it gets to a larger audience, we hope that one’s compliments will urge others to send in compliments as well — expanding the overall reach of this project. We like to believe that Compliments, or at least this idea of promoting wellness through certain projects, is here for good. We hope to innovate in ways that will allow the goal of this project to be fulfilled through the different paths that this project may take in the near future. Keep your eyes open!


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