Election Day Links & Updates

President Spar wants you to vote!

After months of endless rallies, debates, and ads Election Day has arrived. For those of you who are eligible to vote, make sure you do! For those of you registered in New York or New Jersey, you’ll be able to vote in a polling place anywhere in your state if you’ve been effected by Hurricane Sandy. We’ll be liveblogging the results starting at 6:30pm. Until then, procrastinate with these election-day links.

Al Jazeera‘s, ABC‘s, and other news sources’ Election Day coverage are LIVE on YouTube. (Al Jazeera, ABC)
See if one of your friends is in the album posted by Barnard’s SGA, “Barnard Votes!” (Facebook)
Columbia Political Union is hosting an Election Night Viewing on Low Steps, starting at 7:30 PM! (Facebook)
Follow The Nine Ways of Knowing Election Day Live Blog starting at 6:30 PM!! (The Nine Ways of Knowing)

This interactive infographic shows all the paths the electoral college could take tomorrow. (NYTimes)

Can you sympathize with this 4 year old who is so over “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney? (NPR)
Thought you had a good excuse not to vote? These guys don’t think so. (Your Excuse Sucks)
Still undecided? See who you side with, the answer may surprise you. (I Side With)
What happens if there’s a tie in the electoral college? (Constitution Daily)
Peggy Noonan is predicting a Romney win. (Wall Street Journal)
Statistics whiz Nate Silver is calling it for Obama. (FiveThirtyEight)

Images courtesy of SGA.


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