Hurricane Updates: The Aftermath (and we have classes tomorrow)

By now, we’ve survived the worst. It’s uncertain whether or not classes will continue for tomorrow, which means the party’s over. Damage has pretty much devastated lower Manhattan, but for those of us uptown, we can consider ourselves very lucky. Here are some good sites to go to for staying informed on Hurricane Sandy.

• NYTimes has posted a detailed assessment of power outages, flooding, transportation services and other hurricane damage all throughout the tri-state area. [10/31/12, 12:20 PM]
• NYU is evacuating certain residence halls tomorrow at 3:00 PM. If you know someone that might need a place to stay, reach out! [10/30/12, 9:46 PM]
• The Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village is postponed. The NYC marathon is on schedule. [10/30/12, 9:46 PM]
• According the NYTimes, tap water is “Safe to drink, but heavily chlorinated so it will taste different.”
• Pictures of a flooded New York City from Elite Daily (disregard first photo).
• Barnard will be holding classes tomorrow, provided your professors can find a way to get here.

Flooding from storm surges (near FDR
bridge). Courtesy of NBC.

• According to Bloomberg, the subways are likely to be closed for four or five days. Electricity could be lost downtown for just as long and the National Guard is on standby. NYTimes has created a pretty good go-to site for hurricane questions.

• You can also see a video of the explosion of the ConEdison electrical plant explosion, which is likely to leave lower Manhattan without power for some time.

• NBC is featuring hurricane damage to the tri-state area in photos. According to CNN, the final death toll was 26 29.

• Although the hurricane has passed New York City, The Weather Channel says the storm’s not over yet.

• Google has uploaded a crisis map that includes information about power-outages and evacuations shelters. Unfortunately for power outages, it doesn’t go into too much detail. The Weather Channel also has a map for damage reports, including the crane that went down on 57th between 6th and 7th Avenue.

• Columbia evaluates whether to close classes tomorrow. Butler library is, of course, still open.

• Humans of New York is also reflecting the aftermath of the hurricane—although, in the usual heartwarming, pictures-of-small-children kind of way.


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