The Third Presidential Debate: Liz’s Place Edition

by Sarah Lipkis

Barnard students gather in Liz’s place to watch the
third presidential debate.

Monday night was the third and last Presidential debate. Nikila Kakarla, BC ’15, who worked for the Obama campaign this past summer registering voters, teamed up with Athena Center director Professor Kathryn Kolbert to organize a debate watching party at Liz’s place for the last presidential debate.

Before the debate began, Professor Kolbert passed out a bingo bored with certain key phrases such as “Libya,” “Israel” and “Iran.” Professor Kolbert also encouraged students to pay particular attention to when the President talks about his success, when Romney brings up his policies on Libya, Israel, Iran and Russia, as well as the body language of the two Candidates.

Within the minutes leading up to the campaign students grabbed slices of pizza and soda and arranged themselves on the floor and on chairs by the TV. With the exception of one outburst of laughter, when President Obama was asked by the moderator, “What do you believe is the greatest future threat to the U.S.?” and one student’s shout-outs at Governor Romney, students were relatively quiet and focused on watching the debate, while simultaneously doing homework.

At the end of the event Nikila Kakarla said she was, “surprised about the amount of people and how reserved everyone was.” Overall, she was happy with the around sixty-people turn out and how excited and interested people were about watching the debate.

Sarah Lipkis is a Photography Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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