Big Sub 2012

by Celine Gordon

It seems ironic that a women’s college would have a tradition celebrating a giant sandwich, however, the allure of free food makes Big Sub one of our favorite Barnard traditions. This year the event was “Subway” themed; McAc decked out the quad with metro cards and Subway maps guiding students to their favorite type of sandwich. (Personally, I think they should make a Freudian themed sub called “Sub-Conscious.” Maybe next year.) The sub was 713 feet long, a tribute to this year’s class of 2013, and stretched across almost the entire campus.

Even though the sandwich was rained on before the event, it was unwrapped at 7:00 P.M. and gone by 7:05 P.M. Many students brought tupperware or plastic bags to hoard sandwiches, but some went for a more aggressive strategy by snatching several feet of sandwich and wrapping it in the aluminum foil covering the tables. To be honest, I don’t understand how someone could spend upwards of two days eating just subs, but I guess for some the transition away from the unlimited meal plan can be rough. Many of the students returned to their dorms with their kill, but some stayed on Lehman to enjoy their subs with their friends, and, of course, Millie the Dancing Bear. More photos after the break.

 Celine Gordon is a staff-writer and photographer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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