Celebrating Fall in New York City

by Jacqueline Weiner and Alexandra Ley

If this picture doesn’t get you to Central Park,
I don’t know what will.

Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping and winter is right around the corner. For many of you, this may mean more nights in bed watching movies and catching up on Netflix. But, if you still have the urge to get out of your daily routine and explore the city during these beautiful autumn days, here are a few fun things that you might want to consider.

Throw out the lemonade and hot dogs and get ready to consume food that’ll get you in the mood to rake some leaves! The season favorite from Starbucks is back in cafes around the city – time to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Starbucks is now selling pumpkin-flavored coffee to go, as well as pumpkin coffee beans and K-cups to make it yourself before your 9 A.M.! Along with their normal Pumpkin itself is a wonderful vegetable to eat – try roasting its seeds with some cinnamon for a sweet and crunchy snack. Starbucks makes a nice pumpkin scone, and pumpkin pie is a crowd pleaser for any party or gathering you might go to in the next few months.

 Antics of the Halloween Parade

Grab your cozy scarf and adorable mittens and walk around central parkwhile the leaves are changing colors. There is no better place to see this glorious phenomenon of nature than in the heart of the city. You can even choose to go on a brisk Saturday afternoon while children play in parks and dogs run through piles of leaves. While you’re in the park, make your way over to the beautiful Imagine Mosaic or the astounding Belvedere Castle. Try checking out Bryant and Riverside Parks as well, and if you have a class on the upper floors of Altschul, New Jersey is about to get very pretty for awhile – you might even want to bring a camera with you to lab! One can-not-miss event in New York City is the 39th annual Village Halloween Parade on October 31st at 7pm. There will be mobs of people participating and watching this spooky parade, so why not find a fun costume and dress up! You will definitely be missing out on the crazy antics and insanely scary costumes if you don’t go. If you’d like to celebrate the holiday in a musical way, get yourself a great costume and check out Webster Hall’s special Halloween edition of their weekly electronic music party Girls and Boys on October 26th.

Ice-skating in the city!

Later in the season, there are even more fun outdoorsy events to attend. A must do for every New Yorker is ice-skating outside! Whether that be outside Rockefeller Center (already open, in case you were wondering), or at the Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park (opening late October). Or if you prefer a quieter ice-skating experience, try heading downtown to The Standard Ice Rink, which will most likely open later in the season depending on the weather. In order to get you in the mood for the holiday season, mark your calendars for the 80th annual lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. This event will take place on November 28th with performances and enormous crowds of people, but the tree will remain lit until January 7 th, 2013. If you have an aversion to cold weather and would rather stay indoors, why not head down to the Andy Warhol exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (ends December 31st) or the Black and White Picasso exhibit at the Guggenhiem (ends January 23rd).

If you’re in desperate need of an authentic New England autumn fix, try crashing with a friend in a nearby state (try looking at Metro North and with more traditional activities, such as cornmazes, Renaissance fairs, and apple-picking. Make sure you take lots of pictures to document your fun and remind you of it when you get back to the city.

There are millions of fun and interesting things to do in this city, so take advantage of that. Don’t forget, in the midst of midterms and finals to give yourself a break and get outside! It may be chilly, but we can handle it, we’re all New Yorkers after all.

Jaqueline Weiner is a sophomore and Alexandra Ley is a senior at Barnard. Both are staff-writers for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Photos by Sarah Lipkis, Photography Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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