Founder’s Day 2012

by Kiani Ned

Free food and free hugs from Millie

Yesterday, the Barnard Campus was decked in her finest blue and white to celebrate Founder’s Day. Lehman Lawn and the patio of Liz’s Place were decorated with balloons in celebration of the 123rd year of Barnard’s existence as an institution of higher learning. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the history of Barnard, the College is named after the tenth president of Columbia University, Frederick A.P. Barnard, who argued to admit women into the university. His case was unsuccessful but through the rallying efforts of Annie Nathan Meyer in the petitioning of the University of Trustees for an “affiliated self-sustaining liberal arts women’s college” Barnard was founded.

The sky—a beautiful light blue, made for a nice backdrop to an age-old Barnard tradition. The relaxing atmosphere of Founder’s Day was created by a fun mix of music, hot-off-the-grill favorites from Hewitt such as hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken and their famously delicious cookies. Millie the Bear, Barnard’s mascot made her presence known in the official Founder’s Day t-shirt.

Students Support Barnard Workers

Founder’s Day also served as a background to student activism. Members of the group Students Support Barnard Workers handed out fliers to students to educate them about the issues concerning the contracts of the members of the UAW Local 2110. The members of the group wore black in solidarity and in support of the workers who we know as the desk attendants who greet us warmly at 4am on Saturday and the friendly individuals who help the various offices around campus run smoothly and efficiently. Students Support Barnard Workers group members peacefully distributed their knowledge of the situation and awareness to students enjoying a beautiful Founder’s Day.

Free food, courtesy of Hewitt
Livin’ the Dream—Partying with Millie the Bear
Kiani Ned is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer and photographer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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