In Dorm Dining: Chilaquiles

by anonymous, talented chef!

I have a confession: I hate measuring. Measuring involves numbers and I try to avoid numbers at all costs. This is why my recipes rarely contain exact measurements or times. To me, a recipe should be an overview of how to make something rather than an excessively specific list of tasks. Bonus points go to recipes with minimal dish washing required.

The delicious final product

Enter chilaquiles, my go-to dinner of choice these days. Chilaquiles are a Mexican comfort food that are so easy to make, you would have to actively try to ruin this meal for it to turn out inedible.

Corn tortillas
Olive oil
Black beans
An egg
Cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, and cotija are my favorites for this)

Cut two corn tortillas into short strips and fry them in some olive oil. Once they are browned and crispy, add about a third a cup of salsa, a few spoonfuls of black beans, and some cheese. Mix all of this together and then push it all to one side of your skillet.

Now, you can fry an egg on one side of the pan while your chilaquiles hang out on the other. When your egg is fried to your liking, put everything from your skillet onto a plate and top it with some chopped cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice.

While this is not a traditional chilaquiles recipe, it is a quick and simple recipe that you can make on the fly without having to worry about exact ingredients. If you are feeling extra hungry, I recommend adding some chicken, tofu, or avocado to make it an extra filling meal.


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