Drama For Yo Mama: New Fall Dramas

by Ama Debrah

Gossip Girl (not new, but noteworthy!)
Mondays @ 8 o’clock on the CW
Get ready to say good-bye to your favorite Upper East-siders as Gossip Girl entered its sixth and final season last night. If you missed out or need to catch up on any of the previous juicy dirt, borrow your roommate’s Netflix password and watch all five seasons again! Chair and Darena (Dan+Serena–is this a thing?) fans rejoice!
Hulu, CW, Netflix

Wednesdays @ 10 o’clock on ABC
Country music’s about to get real in Nashville, which depicts a rivalry between two country singers, Rayna James (Clare Bowen) and the cheerleader with superpowers (Hayden Panettierre).
Hulu, ABC

Thursdays @ 10 o’clock on CBS
This modern day adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous books takes a surprising twist by casting Lucy Liu as Watson. Will it be as good as Sherlock? Simple deduction points to no, but it’s still worth tuning in.

J.J Abrams’ new series

Mondays @ 10 o’clock on NBC
Revolution, or better known as “What Happened When J.J. Abrams read The Hunger Games,” is about an unspecified time in the future where all technology blacks out, and the human population deals by wearing earth-tones and shooting each other with arrows. Oh, and Bella’s dad is in it, too.
Hulu, NBC

Made in Jersey
Fridays @ 9 o’clock on CBS
Cashing in on the New Jersey money-train, Made in Jersey is about a working-class aspiring lawyer from a “big Italian family” who tries to make it in a prestigious New York law firm. Honestly, this just sounds like if Snooki was cast on the Celebrity Apprentice.

666 Park Avenue
Sundays @ 9 o’clock on ABC
Locke and Wilhelmina are back, guys! Or rather Terry O’Quinn and the ever-fabulous Vanessa Williams, who are starring in this drama about a posh Upper East Side apartment building that has a series of dark secrets past its lobby.
Hulu, ABC

Arrow — premieres tomorrow
Wednesdays @ 8 o’clock on the CW
Based on characters appearing in comic books and graphic novels by DC Comics, Arrow tells the story of a billionaire playboy who decides to create the persona of Arrow to fight evil, save damsels in distress, look good shirtless, and all that jazz.

Beauty and the Beast — premieres this week
Thursdays @ 9 o’clock on the CW
Because every other mythical creature is already being featured in a television show, the CW has scrapped the bottom of the barrel to bring us a new drama about a police detective, Cat (played by Lana Lang–sorry, Kristin Kreuk), and some dude who turns into a terrifying beast who is also (surprise!) super hot and has been watching over Cat this whole time… I don’t have to tell you where this is going.

American Horror Story: Asylum — second season premieres next week
Wednesdays @ 10 o’clock on FX
If midterms haven’t freaked you out enough, American Horror Story is back with a whole new season about a “Church-run haven for the criminally insane” on October 17th. I would say I’d be tuning in, but just looking at the website is going to give me nightmares for the next month.
Hulu, FX

Ama Debrah is a junior and Arts and On Campus Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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