Barnard Fashion: Kiani Ned

Name: Kiani Ned
Class: Barnard, 2016
Fashion icon? “None really, but channeling Janelle Monae today.”

I noticed Kiani because of the striking contrast of her patterned bowtie against the simple white shirt. Her pairing of block colours with striped tights and the busy bowtie creates an effective artsy-chic look which she wears with confidence.

Kiani wears a vintage blazer with a hand sewn heart on the right sleeve. She mixes a bowtie from Amazon with a white button down shirt which she found in a thrift shop. The origins of the skirt are unknown but her shoes are from Walmart and her tights are from Search and Destroy in the East Village.

Zoe Baker-Peng is a first-year at Barnard and a photographer and staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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