Thrifting in the City: Part 2

by Kiani Ned

Read part one here.

In today’s society, shopping is romanticized as this wonderful excursion that women around the world embark upon with unlimited funds to find little black dresses and boot-cut jeans that fit perfectly. The people doing the actual shopping, not the male writers making movies about it à la Sex and the City, know it to be something of a necessary evil when funds are the opposite of unlimited and nothing fits properly. When I’m feeling the pressure to feel and look confident, I turn to thrifting to ease my woes. I look at thrift-store shopping as an adventure because you never know what you’ll encounter when you step into the door of a tiny and kitschy spot in East Village. In truth, it is best to have some idea of what you would like to buy upon embarking on your thrifting adventure, otherwise you’ll end up buying items that don’t necessarily make sense in your closet. Next time you’re taking in the sights and culture downtown, you should treat yourself to one of these thrifting havens.

Beacon’s Closet
Rating: 9.5/10
10 West 13th Street (Greenwich Village)
I loved this place. The selection of clothes, bags and shoes seemed endless! The store was nicely organized by color and style of clothing. I knew exactly where to find what I needed with just a quick survey of the store. I’m a self-proclaimed shoe enthusiast, so the amount of shoes impressed and baffled me. Not only is there a wall of shoes, but every rack of clothing has at least 7 or 8 pairs of shoes on top of it and there are corners of the store dedicated solely to boots. The store is stocked with everything from designer labels to American Apparel to concert t-shirts. Beacon’s Closet also has an impressive men’s section stocked with awesome t-shirts, dress shirts and some of the coolest sneakers I’ve seen.

Metropolis Vintage
Rating: 8/10
43 3rd Avenue (East Village)
This place attests to having the biggest and best vintage shoe and boot collection in NYC. I haven’t explored every shop to vouch for Metropolis, but I will say that their collection is astounding. The walls are lined with high-heeled oxfords, platform sneakers, menswear inspired brogues and vintage boots of every kind. Stepping into Metropolis was like stepping into the past… As cliché as that sounds. Metropolis is also known for their collection of varsity jackets and huge t-shirt collection. I spent a good ten minutes making duck faces in the mirror in a strawberry printed rain-coat and a beautiful varsity jacket that totally swamped me.

Cure Thrift Shop

Cure Thrift Shop

Rating: 9/10
111 East 12th Street (East Village)
Cure is a really cool shop. The first level of the store is filled with vintage furniture and knick-knacks. The last time I went, there was an entire set of strawberry kitchen wares that I fell in love with. Honestly, how could I not be charmed by strawberry-shaped pottery?! Alas, I left without it. But besides the cool things they sell to furnish the New York apartment I don’t have, the store has a level downstairs stocked with cool dresses, jackets, sweaters, bags and of course shoes. I spotted Yves Saint Laurent blazers and Betsey Johnson party dresses, hidden amongst other treasures. The best thing about Cure Thrift Shop is that it is a philanthropic business that benefits the Diabetes Research Institute. It’s the perfect mixture of vice and virtue!

Kiani is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of MakieDoll and Frugal Materialist.


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