Plimpton Corner Room Residents Offered Storage Solution

Residents of Plimpton corner rooms, who were mandated to select an additional roommate (or be assigned one) less than a month before the beginning of the semester, have been living thus far with, on most things, one set of furniture. One bookshelf, one mirror, and one closet for two Barnard girls can be a tight squeeze–not to mention six of them to one bathroom. Thankfully, almost two months after the policy was announced and well after move-in, ResLife has proposed a “tactful” (this Barnard student remarks, “insulting”) solution to corner room resident’s storage problems. Read the email after the page break.

UPDATE, [Nov. 19]: Plimpton corner room residents are to receive their temporary storage furniture from ResLife next Monday nine weeks after the following email was sent (one week less than ResLife said it would take for them to order new, permanent furniture).

UPDATE [Sept. 25]: It should be noted that each resident individually received a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair and (sometimes) a bookshelf.

Option #2 (3′ tall?)
Option #3
Option #1 (3′ tall?)
Option #4 (two of these)

Dear Plimpton Corner Room Residents:
Everyone in Residential Life hopes that you are off to a great start this academic year. We are very appreciative that you all have put forth a fantastic effort to make a your newly created double room work for both you and your roommate.

Many of you have asked our department and Dean Hinkson about additional closet and storage space for your room. Although we are not able to get an additional wardrobe for you because they are custom built and take well over 10 weeks to arrive, we have put together a few options that we would like for you to consider.

There are four pictures attached to this email. These photos are:

    • a 36″ multi=purpose covered closet and storage unit (OPTION #1)
    • a 36″ more basic covered closet unit (OPTION #2)
    • a 3-drawer cart on wheels (OPTION #3)
    • a set of 2 large storage containers (OPTION #4)

Please look over these items and reply to this email if you would like one of these items. Each of you may order one item from this list – you can order on your own, or consult your roommate (for space considerations in your room). All you need to do is reply to this email, and complete the following items:

    1. Name:
    2. Room Number:
    3. Cell Phone:
    4. Which OPTION do you want (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4)?:

This item is yours to keep and/or use as you’d like. Each individual receiving this email may select one option. I need to receive your response by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 at 5pm.

Warm Wishes,
Annie Aversa


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