Barnard Career Fair: Fall 2012

Interview by Lindsay Garten

Looking for a job, huh?

Tomorrow in LeFrak gymnasium, Barnard is holding it’s semesterly Career Fair–where employers come to Barnard looking to recruit, and Barnard students come looking into potential jobs, internships, and career opportunities. For a full list of employers that will be present, and the opportunity to register now to avoid having to wait on lines, click here.

What is the purpose of the Career Fair?
Purnima Taylor, the Program Director for Employer Relations & Campus Recruitment, states that the purpose of the Career Fair is three-fold: To introduce qualified student applicants with prospective employers, to serve as a networking tool among student candidates and employers, and to serve as an informational opportunity for students to gather information about potential career possibilities.

What are the benefits of attending the Career Fair?
Students benefit from attending the fair because they “become more knowledgeable about career opportunities, strengthen professional networks, and [the fair can help them land an internship or full-time job.”

What should students do to prepare for the Career Fair?
According to Taylor, students should prepare by doing the following:

  • Bringing a professional resume, copied on high quality paper. 
  • Wearing professional business attire 
  • Preparing a 30 second professional pitch 
  • Review the list of companies attending 
  • Researching the companies you’re interested in meeting
For more advice from Barnard Career Development on how to prepare for the Career Fair, click here.

Image courtesy of Red Book.


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