The Annotated NSOP Schedule Book: Transfer Students

When I walked into transfer NSOP two years ago, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew some of the basics of college life from my first year elsewhere, yet this campus was so new to me. Thankfully, orientation here takes that in to account. There will be events that you will share with the first-years, like the NYC event at the Bronx Zoo and diversity discussions, as well as events that will concentrate on Barnard-specific issues, like how to use our course registration and campus resources. But, there are also opportunities to get to know your fellow transfers and explore the city. While everyone’s experience and needs vary, here are some tips for surviving NSOP as a transfer.

Social Events
As awkward as they are for the first-years, they are twice as awkward for you. Don’t feel guilty about skipping the Bronx Zoo event, but don’t skip out on things like the transfer dessert reception (Tuesday, August 28th, 7pm-8pm). Especially in your early days at Barnard, your fellow transfers will be your core group of friends. Take as many opportunities as you can to get to know one another.

Reach out to your RAs and OLs
If you’re shy this might seem difficult for you, but know that RAs can be a wonderful resource. Whether you have questions about campus life or want to connect with the other students in your building, RAs will always be open to helping you feel comfortable. OLs are also there to help you, so ask them questions, too–that’s what they’re there for!

Don’t blow off the advisor meeting
Without a doubt, your individual advisor meeting (assorted times) is the most important thing you will do all NSOP. Which of the nine ways of knowing do you still have to fulfill? How many credits are you getting? Does Barnard have your final transcript from you old school? What classes should you be taking for your major, if you have one? For junior transfers, you need to declare your major and find a major advisor ASAP. Your advisor will help you with all of that.

All in all, try to absorb as much information as you can. But know NSOP is not the be-all and end-all of your first few weeks here. Join clubs, get to know the people in your classes, participate in school traditions. Most importantly, Barnard is open to transfers and ready to embrace all the wonderful things you will contribute to our community, so don’t be afraid to reach out and put yourself out there.


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