Midnight Breakfast Spring 2012

In a flurry of faculty members and french toast, McAc has done it again! This semester’s Midnight Breakfast featured a visit (although short) from Millie the Bear and ample breakfast and desert treats to help encourage stress-eating or to fuel that all-nighter before the Biology final this morning and essays were due. Gotta love Barnard for keeping it real, relaxing, and delicious for us (or, dare I say, “super”). More photos after the break.
Click on any of the photos to enlarge or view as a a slideshow.
Courtesy of Ariane Rinehart

Dean HolliBOSS

Columbia-Barnard love.
Dean Hinkson and Hayden Greene (noted as one of the few photos in which he is smiling!)

Photos courtesy of Hannah Yan.


One thought on “Midnight Breakfast Spring 2012

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