Hilarious NACElink Internships

I’m exotic, right?

Whether you’re a first-year freaking out about getting that perfect summer internship, or a senior without any solid plans yet (“What?? What do you mean NASA Human Resources doesn’t care about my A in Postmodernism?”), never fear! Barnard College’s Office of Career Development’s NACElink has many viable options for future employment. You just need to know what job is right for you! (click on each NACElink screen capture to read the descriptions). Here are five sweet internship ideas for ya:

For when working with people gets to be too stressful, try looking for Internship Opportunities with Exotic Cats.

Any chance the 1 train goes over the river and through the woods? ‘Cause I’m a Grandmother’s helper (somewhat like being a “mother’s helper,” it’s that other type of babysitting).

 If you want to try your green thumb at a “garden,” you could be a Garden Intern (consider stopping by 119th and Amsterdam before you apply).

Good to know! I wouldn’t want to work at any un-cool functions for charity.

Only if I can bring my own desk spotlight. ‘Cause this Administrative Guru/Diva needs her stage!

Images courtesy of NACElink and Breeding Cats.

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