Big Gigantic: Get Pumped

Big Gigantic’s promo video for their latest tour.
Download Big Gigantic’s newest album
Nocturnal for free on their website.
by Ama Debrah

Jeremy Salken on drums, Dominic Lalli on saxophone

I’ll be honest: When I first heard the lineup for this year’s Bacchanal, I was perplexed, peeved, and mostly just pissed off. Maybe I was one of those delusional fangirls who honestly thought that Drake would be headlining (he is currently on a college tour, okay?), or maybe it was because I hadn’t heard of any of the three groups that are coming, or maybe it just had to do with the fact that, deep down, nothing would satisfy me after the drunken-rap fest that was Snoop Dogg of last year. Regardless, I was not happy.

That is, until I started listening to Big Gigantic.
Somehow, Big Gigantic successfully merges two of my personal favorite musical genres: techno and funk. I’ll admit, the first time I heard the name Big Gigantic, my extremely mature nineteen-year-old self immediately thought it was referring to an innuendo, but after understanding Big Gigantic’s music, I couldn’t think of another way to describe it other than big and gigantic. From their hometown of Boulder, Colorado, Big Gigantic consists of the “relentless beat machine” Jeremy Salken on drums and producer Dominic Lalli on saxophone, and provides electronica beats with funk vibes and jazz hooks to create what they like to call “get off your ass and dance” music. Since 2009, Big Gigantic has been bringing their unique flavor of techno to the world with their debut album Wide Awake, which was followed up by Fire It Up in the same year. Nocturnal, their most recent album, reached the #2 spot on the iTunes electronic charts.
Standing out in the techno genre is no easy feat these days, what with big names such as Skrillex, Nero, and Swedish House Mafia crowding the charts. However, what makes Big Gigantic different is (not to hate) their use of live music. Their high energy performances includes Lalli improvising on jazz saxophone, and while I was at first hesitant as to what this techno/jazz band set up would look like, it very strangely works (see video above).
In addition to the live music, lighting and visuals are also a big (no pun intended) part of the Big Gigantic’s live shows, which aren’t just about the music, but more about the overall experience. Although I’m a little worried on how this visual aspect will be transferred to Bacchanal’s outdoor setting, I’m confident that Big Gigantic will figure something out.
Big Gigantic is currently on their Nocturnal Tour 2012, where they’re listed on the lineup for big venues such as the House of Blues, Bonnaroo, the Ultra Music Festival, Electric Forest, Wakarusa, All Good, and the Governor’s Ball Music Festival. If you have yet to check them out, you can download Nocturnal and other tracks for free on their website.

Ama Debrah is a sophomore at Barnard College and Food Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Images courtesy of digi10ve and The Untz.

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