This Year’s SGA Candidates in 9 Words or Less

Dance, Millie, dance

In case you haven’t noticed the explosion of highlighter-colored flyers, SGA is holding elections now. Feel bad about voting without know anything about the people running? Here’s a breakdown of this year’s candidates (or the ones that aren’t running unopposed, that is). We’ve distilled each eBear bio for you into a few words and a representative (UPDATE: read quotes around “representative”) quote, so you can get all the fun without having to read through all the typos.

After you’ve finished reading, go vote on eBear. Best of luck to everyone running!

Candidates: If you would like us to link to your platform (e.g., Facebook page), please email us at

UPDATE: Representative for Student Services candidates after the break.

SGA President

JungHee Hyun (BC ’13 – Urban Studies-Environmental Science): engage a network of student leaders, define “community”
Quote: “the ‘SGA bubble’,” “Barnard and its student’s [sic] biggest cheerleader”

Rachel Ferrari (BC ’13 – Urban Studies-History): decision-making with administration, centralized programming for simpler community building
Quote: “Ferrari,” “embody the collective power of our student body”

Junior Representative to Board of Trustees

Colleen Mulvihill (BC ’14): effectively relay information, address student concern
Quote: “passion […] enthusiasm and vigor”

Ayelet Pearl (BC ’14): photographer, ongoing interactive creative projects, themed exhibitions
Quote: “I understand the important [sic] of art on campus”

Evelyn Kim (BC ’14 – Urban Studies-Education): accurately report about student life, funding for campus events
Quote: “I plan to act as your mouthpiece”

Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) Liaison

Anna Dydzuhn (BC ’15): unite the undergraduate population, support athletes to balance sports/academics
Quote: “solving any problems or tensions between Barnard and Columbia”

Winn Periyasamy (BC ’13 – Political Science): help VISP/Transfers/Commuters feel at home, develop respect for Barnard-Columbia relationship
Quote: “Therefore, please consider me”

Swati Amin (BC ’15): bridge Barnard-Columbia gap, more intercollegiate events
Quote: “extensive leadership background […] from high school”

Lindsay Garten (BC ’13 – Environmental Science): Transfer student, currently liaison to Sustainability Initiatives Consulting Board
Quote: “Constellation Leaders”

Engineering Student Council (ESC) Liaison

Jamie Yu (BC ’14 – Environmental Policy): science and administration, update eBear, joint college events with SEAS
Quote: “new technology to Barnard”

Leah Metcalf (BC ’14 – American Studies): new printer repair and restock policy, streamline research process
Quote: “I am the member of two executive boards of campus groups”

Academic Affairs Representative

Elaine Gottesman (BC ’14 – History): improve grading and program filing systems, forums on Courseworks
Quote: “(respectful) complaints,” “rearin’ and ready to go”

Leah Reiss (BC ’15 – Political Science): resource for support and academic concerns
Quote: “I love Barnard”

University Senator

Ashiana Jivraj (BC ’15): create change, voice the needs of Barnard students
Quote: “a leader who is willing to let her voice ring through the plenary”

Reeva Dua (BC ’15): expand dual degree collaboration, alleviate tensions between BC & Columbia
Quote: “enhance the physical and mental health of students”

Dania Sandfia (BC ’15): mediocre to astonishing, harvesting community relationships
Quote: “Experience backs me up and charm leads the way,” “you will become EPIC”

Kalliope Kyrakides (BC ’14 – Biology): swipe access to Columbia dorms, raise university morale
Quote: “More control of inappropriate posts on news forums and blogs”

Representative for Diversity

Vivian Tsai (BC ’15): from Taiwan, open discussions, platforms for sharing stories
Quote: “Diversity, for me, is everyone having a different story to tell”

Stephanie Fernandez (BC ’14 – Urban Studies-Sociology): current Rep., address the needs of those who feel underrepresented
Quote: “foster dialogue about issues that are not spoken about enough”

Representative for Student Services

Leah Rothstein (BC ’13 – History): ease process of housing, activities promoting wellness
Quote: “it doesn’t have to be this stressful!”

Jennifer Fearon (BC ’13 – Political Science-Human Rights): increase awareness of Room Selection, promote Furman
Quote: “SGA is a far cry from Congress”

Image courtesy of Barnard Student Government Association.


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