Valentine’s Day of Action

Reproductive health advocates are taking over Twitter today to voice their support for the birth control mandate. As it stands, the Obama Administration wants all women with insurance coverage to get their FDA-approved contraceptive method of choice without a co-pay. The US Council of Catholic Bishops started off the opposition, but now many mainstream Republican politcans have jumped on board as well. Progressive blogs such as Mother Jones are full of stories on the issue. Following #iheartbc or #bc4us will fill your Twitter feed with people voicing their opinion on the issue. The New York City chaper of the National Organization for Women is asking supporters to change their Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to the I Heart My Birth Control logo (above). Not to mention, the Barnard Center for Research on Women is hosting a panel discussion on the reproductive health movement tomorrow night and The Vaginia Monologues are on Friday and Saturday. So whether you’re on the internet or on campus, you’ll never be far from this issue.

Image Courtesy of NOW-NYC


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