Reasons to Care About the Super Bowl

By Laura K. Garrison

You might not be into football – I get it, I was there once too. In the past couple of years however, I’ve come to really appreciate and enjoy football, a game I once considered violent, dirty, and pointless. Football’s biggest night is today, as the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI from Indianapolis. You may not care now, but here’s why you should.

1. The Commercials
Fun fact: last year’s Super Bowl was the most watched US television event in history with 111 million viewers, and it’s very likely that this year will top it due to the New York-Boston sports rivalry. The Super Bowl has always been a popular launching day for commercial advertisements on television because of the sheer number of viewers. Even if you’re not a commercial person, ads during the Super Bowl tend to be extra funny and cute, because a thirty second time slot during this year’s game will cost $3.5 million. You may not care about the game, but everyone will be talking about their favorite commercial.

2. The Giants
Though my Jets didn’t make it…again, the Giants are the next best thing. You now live in New York which means you have to somewhat care about sports (and have an opinion – Giants or Jets? Yankees or Mets?). It’s going to be extra exciting to watch the Super Bowl this year because your city is represented. And for all you Boston girls representing the Pats, please sit down. Also a plus, New York’s been known to throw some pretty awesome parades when a team comes back victorious.

3. The Players
If you’re still not convinced, consider the fact you get to watch muscular, manly stud muffins in tight uniforms acting aggressively. This year, cutie pie Eli Manning of the G-men will face off against hunky Tom Brady of the Pats, but other recent Super Bowl eye candy includes the adorable Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints (from the Nyquil commercials), the other Manning brother Peyton of the Indianapolis Colts, and Aaron Rodgers (those eyes!) and Clay Matthews (that hair!) of the Green Bay Packers. As you can tell, I have a thing for quarterbacks (the guy who throws the ball).

4. The Boys
Speaking of boys, football is a great way to catch the attention of one. Boys love to discuss sports, and the Super Bowl will be all they want to talk about for the next two weeks. Watch the game, take notes, and learn a thing or two so you can casually enter the conversation and impress Mr. Nice Eyes at your next discussion section. It’s simple math: boys like girls, boys like football, so therefore boys really like girls who like football.

5. The Half Time Show
Though recent half time shows have been a little disappointing in recent years (let’s just say Slash was the best part about last year’s even though the Black Eyed Peas were performing, and sorry Who, you got old), it’s a fun, traditional part of the game. This year Madonna takes the stage, so practice your best “Material Girl” impression.

6. The Parties
The best way to experience the Super Bowl is at a party with lots of friends and chips and dip. My favorite Super Bowl memory is watching the game with my friends in our pajamas – most of us didn’t know what was going on but had fun cheering on the teams anyway. Sit back, eat up, and maybe make a bet or two (to those of you who still owe me money, you know who you are).

7. It’s all anyone will be talking about…
Like it or not, the Super Bowl is going to be a big deal for a couple of weeks, so you best have some understanding of what everyone’s talking about. Happy watching!

Laura is a first-year at Barnard College and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing. She’s the girl walking around campus all week wearing her Manning jersey. Go Giants!

Image courtesy of bigblueview.


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