Attention Harry Connick Jr. Lovers: Our Man is Back on Broadway

By Molly Scott

When I learned that Harry Connick Jr. was going to be starring in a re-imagined version of a 1965 musical called On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, I immediately jumped for joy and bought tickets. When I went to see the show on November 13th, it was still in previews (it’s opens tonight, December 11). I wasn’t sure what to expect; were the actors going to massively screw up their lines and be ill-prepared? The answer was no. Every actor on stage gave an extraordinary performance, and the singing was superb, especially Connick’s.

The story of the musical, which takes place in 1974, is as follows:
Dr. Mark Bruckner (Connick), a psychiatrist, is still very much in love with his deceased wife and is having trouble finding another woman. When a young gay florist shop attendant, David Gamble (played by the outstanding David Turner), asks Dr. Bruckner to help him quit smoking, the doctor’s life is about to change. To break his patient’s bad habit, he puts Mr. Gamble under hypnosis and in doing so happens to run into David’s former self. She is a jazz singer from the 1940s named Melinda Wells (played by the fantastic Jessie Mueller). Dr. Bruckner finds Melinda absolutely irresistible and quickly falls in love with her. However, “Melinda” is still David so this love affair is impossible…or is it? I’ll leave it up to you to go see the show and find out.

All in all, the showtunes were really catchy (I can’t wait for the cast album to be released), the set was bright, colorful, and absolutely filled with flowers, and there was an awesome 70s vibe throughout the production. I highly encourage anyone interested in the story of the musical, in hearing fantastic music, or in witnessing the beautiful Harry Connick Jr. in action to head over to the St. James Theater right now to see this wonderful production.

Molly is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

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