WBAR Presents: Goth Prom † 1986

By Ama Debrah

Everyone’s got a little goth in ’em, right?

Last night, Barnard College was hit by a mass of black-clad, lace supporting mortals as WBAR’s “Winter Formal: Goth Prom 1986” took over the Diana Event Oval. Goth Prom not only served as a much needed break from the worries and anxieties of the end of the semester, but, for some, was also a chance to get over reticent memories of the disappointment/horror from high school proms. The Event Oval, which is usually as seen as a very proper, if not plain, venue for discussions and lectures, was transformed into a gothic wonderland with cobwebs on the walls, silent German horror films playing on a projection above the stage, and a gigantic WBAR sign created with Christmas lights. Thankfully, with the music supplied by bands Balam Acab, Purling Hiss, Leather, and RL Grime, there was no trace of the grinding and awkward slow-dancing requisite to most proms but a healthy supply of head-banging and moshing. True to any prom, a goth king and queen were also crowned at the end of the night. Of course, my favorite part of the prom were the free black corsages, which I decided completely put to rest my bitter memories for not having a date (or a corsage) to my junior prom. By the end of the night a gloomy, dark good time was had by all.

Ama is a sophomore at Barnard and Food Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Photo courtesy of Daily Dalliance.


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