NYC Chocolate Show: A chocoholic’s dream come true

By Amelia Rosen

Freshly ground cocoa… mmmmmmm

It’s practically everyone’s dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to spend a whole day devouring an endless amount of free and delectable chocolate samples? Well, if you happen to be one of the select few who doesn’t derive pleasure from the mouthwatering sensation of enveloping yourself sheer chocolate bliss, then you might as well stop reading now. Yet, if you are tempted by this magical scenario, continue reading, because this opportunity actually exists and it occurs every year… in New York City!

The 14th annual NYC Chocolate Show was last week from November 10th to 13th. Over 60 vendors from around the world gathered to share their passion for chocolate and to promote their delicious cocoa products. Confections included traditional chocolate bars as well as a variety of more unique offerings, like “No Chewing Allowed!” truffles (that are properly enjoyed by letting them melt in your mouth) and American Heritage Chocolate hot cocoa, which is ground on-site and blended with spices such as anise and red pepper.
Choco-Clothes: Fashionable and delicious
Like American Heritage Chocolate, many of the vendors offered unique flavor combinations, ranging from chipotle cinnamon dark chocolate disks to sesame seed brownies; the latter may sound a bit odd, but was actually one of the most scrumptious goodies offered at the show. The brownies boasted the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavor and a surprising and satisfying crunch from the sesame seeds.
That being said, taste was only half of the show. The astonishing chocolate visuals were just as impressive. A group of mannequins posed wearing outfits made of chocolate. Moreover, there was an abundance of chocolate statues, like a chocolate Barack Obama bust created by ChocoART. Among all of the spectacular chocolate apparel and figurines, the carving that stole the show was a chocolate New York City, which depicted several “Big Apple” landmarks made entirely of chocolate.
The NYC Chocolate show was decadently delicious as well as visually extraordinary. This past weekend, a Barnard student’s two greatest loves were brought together in perfect harmony: Chocolate and New York City.
Chocofied NYC (and potential solution to world hunger) 

Barack Obama in white chocolate
“No chewing allowed!
Chocolate dress – detail 
Chipotle cinnamon rounds

Amelia Rosen is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing. If she had to die, she would consider drowning in chocolate.

Photos courtesy of Simone Norman BC ’15 and Amelia Rosen.

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