India.Arie and Idan Raichel: Album Preview

By Sarah Lipkis

India.Arie, a Grammy Award-winning American soul artist known for her soothing and meaningful music, considers herself to be a combination of poet and songwriter. Combining those two elements, Arie creates music that is passionate and strongly connects to her listeners.

Idan Raichel and India.Arie at the Beacon Theater

Idan Raichel, an Israeli singer, is best known not for music, but for his long dreadlocks. In the past, he has collaborated with numerous musicians world wide, resulting in a wide variety of tunes, languages, and lyrics. Since his musical career began in 2005, he has created five albums, the most recent being Ben Kirot Beyti or Within My Walls in 2008. Even though his hair can be considered his trademark, Raichel is also an acclaimed lyricist and a talented pianist.

Last Tuesday, on October 18th, Arie and Raichel performed at the Beacon Theatre to promote their new collaborative album Open Door, expected to be released next spring. Arie said at the concert that meeting Raichel in Israel in 2009 helped her recover her strength and her desire to produce music at a time when she was thinking of leaving the industry. Similarly, Raichel, upon hearing Arie’s music, knew instantly that he would want to collaborate with her on a project.

The concert began with Arie taking center stage, colorful lights glistening off her sweeping white dress. Raichel took a seat behind a black baby grand piano, slightly off to the side of the stage. The concert consisted of a mix of solo songs by Arie and Raichel, in addition to new collaborative songs from Open Door.

Throughout the concert India danced across the stage, her dress sweeping at her feet- her love for music was very obvious in the way she belted out every song at full force. Although Raichel remained at his piano for the entire performance, his hands danced across the keys and his whole body swayed to the music.

Idan Raichel and India.Arie have amazing chemistry together on stage and worked off of each other’s strengths to produce a stunning and unforgettable concert.

Sarah Lipkis is a junior and Photography Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

The lyrics for Idan Raichel’s song “Chalomot Shel Acherim” (“Other People’s Dreams”) and an English translation can be found here.


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