Big Sub=Big Fun

By: Ama Debrah

The sub being assembled.

The hungry hordes waiting for the countdown.

If you are like me and rate Barnard events based on the amount of free food that is handed out, then Big Sub is hands down the highlight of the year. This year’s theme, Yellow Submarine, was complete with Beatles music blasting from the speakers and posters strewn across campus. As is tradition, Big Sub gets larger every year, and this year consisted of a whopping 712 feet of ham and cheese, chicken salad, turkey, roasted vegetables, and tuna goodness snaking all the way from Barnard Hall to the Diana. The tables started coming out early in the afternoon, and the sandwiches were completely laid out by six o’clock. Although there are always those naysayers that try to bring up the health issues of eating large quantities of a sandwich that has been sitting out for hours, I’d refer to the wise words of our contributing editor Alex, and just “don’t over-think it.”

Quick! Grab as much as you can!

If you were a seasoned veteran of Big Sub, you stood in front of your favorite sandwich flavor at least half an hour before the festivities began, or waited diligently with your Tupperware to grab as much sandwich as humanly possible. Those who arrived five minutes late saw only the sad remains of the Big Sub’s former glory, complete with misshapen bread ends and the discarded roasted vegetable sandwiches that no one cares for. But for those who stuck it out, Big Sub once again served as a guiding light in the midst of the horrors of midterm season. Until next year, Big Sub. Until next year.

And it’s gone

Ama is sophomore at Barnard and Food Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.

Photos courtesy of Photography Editor Sarah Lipkis.


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