How to Eat Healthy at Hewitt

By Molly Scott

Sure, grabbing a slice (or two) of pizza for lunch in Hewitt is easy, but it’s also really easy (and fun!) to go the extra step and make your own meal or healthy side dish. Hewitt, as well as John Jay and Ferris Booth, have great options if you want to eat healthy and still have exciting and delicious meals! Here are some ideas that are great for each meal.

Breakfast ideas:

1. Yogurt with Fruit and Green Tea
This is a great quick breakfast, especially if you have an early class. Hewitt has “Light & Fit” yogurt, available in the “Special Requests” refrigerator (usually strawberry flavored, though mango is shown here). Simply mix any fruit of your choice with the yogurt and enjoy. Green tea (shown here), or really any type of tea, is not only delicious and warm, but has no calories, fat, or sugar. I love mixing all kinds of fruits with my yogurt. Try to make your own flavor combinations!

2. Orange and Cottage Cheese
This option is a great side dish with breakfast. Oranges have a MASSIVE amount of vitamin C, which is great for building up a strong immune system and may even help with cholesterol. Cottage cheese is loaded with protein, which will keep you full until lunch, as well as calcium! When consuming cottage cheese, however, it is important to keep in mind that it is very salty, so try to only have a very small portion. I really enjoyed the sweet and salty taste combination with this dish.

3. Cheerios, Bananas, and Yogurt
I love the crunchiness of Cheerios with the sweetness of fruit and yogurt. So, I substituted some yogurt for milk, threw in some bananas, and mixed it all up. Result? Deliciousness! Cheerios are a great source of iron, which is good for your red blood cells.

Lunch and Dinner options:

1. Macaroni Tofu Salad

This salad is a really nice dinner option! The tofu is a good source of protein, and adding the macaroni is a nice touch, too. Try to add whole-wheat pasta/macaroni to a salad (instead of regular) whenever possible; whole-wheat noodles have more fiber than regular pasta. You can also add whatever fruits and vegetables you like to the salad. I found that broccoli, tangerines, and tomatoes accompanied the macaroni and tofu very nicely and tasted great! Add a low-fat dressing, and enjoy!

2. Tuna Sandwich with Tomato and Spring Mix Lettuce on 
Whole-Wheat Bread
This sandwich is perfect for lunch. Tuna is a great source of protein, and will keep you full until dinnertime. The tomato and lettuce are two great ways to get your vegetables, and whole-wheat bread is always the right choice. This classic sandwich is very delicious, and the best part about it is that you don’t even have to make it yourself! The wonderful Hewitt staff will make you any sandwich you want, though I added the spring mix from the salad bar. Don’t be afraid to do this! If you don’t want salty deli meat or cheese with your whole-wheat bread, just ask for the bread (and anything else you want)! Then head over to the salad bar and add any sandwich/wrap accompaniments you wish!

3. Pear and Tofu Salad
This salad is extremely refreshing and can be a great lunch or side salad for dinner. It’s very simple, but nutritious and filling, too. Just add any type of lettuce you prefer to pears, tomatoes, and tofu. I added a low-fat Italian vinaigrette, which was delicious, but a fruity dressing would also work nicely here. This salad contains protein in the tofu, and fiber in the pears!

A few of my thoughts on beverages:

  • Skim milk has all the calcium, but without the fat! Most people don’t like skim because of its watery taste. Try it though! It’s hard to tell that it’s skim milk if it’s in cereal, so try it that way first if you’re trying to make the switch. Personally, I love my skim milk with a lot of ice- this way it is crisp and refreshing! Consider yourself a skim milk-master once you’ve come this far from drinking 2% milk (I have; I know it’s hard).
  • As mentioned before, green tea (or any tea) is a lovely beverage for these chilly fall days.
  • The Diet Coke dilemma. Yes, Diet Coke has no calories; however, it’s still soda. I used to have (okay, still have) an addiction to Diet Coke, but I try to replace it with a tall glass of cold ice water. I add some drops of the lemon juice offered in the “Special Requests” fridge to it, to make it a little more tasty. Unfortunately, it’s not magically Diet Coke, but it’ll do.

Molly is a first-year at Barnard and a staff writer for The Nine Ways of Knowing. She’s taking full advantage of the unlimited meal plan.

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