The Broadway Bomb 2011

By Olivia Goldman

The mad dash from Riverside to Broadway on 116th.

The Broadway Bomb (a.k.a., all that racket out on Broadway today) is an annual skateboarding race that goes from 116th and Riverside Drive, all the way down to the Charging Bull on Wall Street. The race starts with a running dash from Riverside to Broadway along 116th, and then it’s skateboards all the way downtown.

Over 500 skateboarders gathered for the occasion, and although the race started at noon, the cheering and screaming of the crowd from Riverside could be heard well before then. The race is said to have started in 2002, with around a dozen boarders. The entire race is 8.5 miles long.

Olivia Goldman is a sophomore at Barnard College. She is Senior Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing, and this was how she woke up this morning. She does admit, however, that this is pretty awesome.

Video of the race in 2010 (from a boarder’s perspective):


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