The Hive (formerly Altschul Atrium)

By Olivia Goldman

The Hive, a architectural realization of a plan conceived by Barnard and Columbia students in a workshop with alumni Charles Curran (CC ’06) and Shanshan Qi (BC ’06), opened today. The Hive features a set of huge reflective walls, nearly reaching the top of the room’s two-story ceiling. The walls organize the room into three areas. The lounge area, facing the large windows, is populated with hexagonal ottomans that can be rearranged or stacked in numerous ways for the comforts of socializing or studying. The meeting area, between the new panels, one of which is lined at one side with a bulletin board, holds enclosed tables that can be reserved on a weekly sign-up sheet located on site.

While most of campus might feel ambivalent about a change to a room that no one really used, aside from lunching professors and graduate students, maybe The Hive will suit the social patterns (or the “waggle dance”—forgive the pun—of students looking for good study spots) around campus for the coming semester.

Olivia Goldman is a sophomore at Barnard College and Senior Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing.


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