NYC Lightsaber Battle 2011

Washington Square Park becomes part of Star Wars’ Expanded Universe.

Photo by Kate Scarsbrough

By Olivia Goldman

Last Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in Washington Square Park for a huge lightsaber battle created by Newmindspace, the same non-profit massive public art organization that puts together Union Square’s annual pillow fight. Some lightsabers could be reserved ahead of time online for $5, and some people brought their own, but spectators were also welcome to simply witness the historical clash of Jedis vs. Siths.

Photo courtesy of Kate Scarsbourgh

Participants were of all ages (and varying degrees of enthusiasm—some were proudly-dressed Star Wars fanatics), but far from being a mess of unmitigated lightsaber clashes, the crowd was unified and light-hearted. One of the most adorable spectacles was a group of the victorious Jedis, all around the age of 8, who were cheered on by surrounding onlookers. If you’re interested, subscribe to Newmindspace or “like” them on Facebook to be notified about future interactive art projects.

Olivia is a sophomore at Barnard and Senior Editor for The Nine Ways of Knowing. She has never actually seen Star Wars.


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